Our Story


Our great-grandmother, Mamie Farinola, making rice balls in June 1957.


It all started more than a century ago. Sicilian grandmothers found a way to use their leftover risotto: roll them into balls, bread and fry them in golden oil. Soon, these rice balls (arancina, translating to “little orange” because of their perfectly symmetrical appearance) were available all over Sicily in carts so people could grab one on the go. In fact, the arancini cart is the earliest incarnation of the drive-through, making arancini the original "fast food.”

Our story begins much later, in 2012. After growing up on our grandmother’s and great-grandmother’s arancini, we sought to revive this concept of homemade, high quality fast food and modernize it with innovative new flavors.

  Have A Ball NYC's Truck

Have A Ball NYC's Truck

Traditionalists will be able to order arancini just like they had at home, smothered with our hearty signature meat sauce. Diet conscious orderers pick up Bella Balls, baked with brown rice and served with fresh, lean chicken soup. Long night? You can break into a Hangover Ball, slicing through a soft-boiled egg and generously topped with crispy bacon, lettuce, and tomato. We're even happy to customize a rice ball for your special event, loaded with your favorites and named by request. 

Every ball is handcrafted with care, just like our grandmother made them: one by one. We are committed to this tradition of excellence in flavor, care, and service and strive to bring you into our family kitchen with every bite.